Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship

Past Activities

The Anthem Foundation is pleased to have contributed support for the following activities:

2012.03.23–2012.03.25 Workshop on Aristotle on Discovery and Justification

The workshop, organized by Profs. Allan Gotthelf and James G. Lennox (U. Pittsburgh) and Gregory Salmieri (U.North Carolina—Chapel Hill) brought together some 15 scholars from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany to explore central issues in Aristotle’s epistemology.

2012.03.05 “Dr. Tara Smith on ‘The Importance of the Rule of Law’”

Philosophy professor Dr. Tara Smith, a noted Ayn Rand scholar and holder of the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism at the University of Texas at Austin, spoke at Rhodes College on the question of the value-neutrality of the rule of law to an audience that included students from three different political science and economics classes. Dr. Smith’s visit to Rhodes was supported by a gift to the college from the Anthem Foundation.

2011.04.20–2011.04.23 Anthem Exhibiting at APA Pacific

The Anthem Foundation will be exhibiting at the American Philosophical Association Conference (Pacific Division) in San Diego April 20–23.

2011.01.06–2011.01.09 Anthem Exhibiting at AEA

Anthem will exhibit at this year’s American Economic Association Conference (Denver, January 6–9).

2011.01.06–2011.01.09 Anthem Exhibiting at MLA

Anthem will exhibit at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention (Los Angeles, also January 6–9).

2011.01.06–2011.01.09 Unmanned Display at AATSEEL

Anthem will also have an unmanned display at the annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (Pasadena, CA), January 6–9.

2010.12.27–2010.12.30 Anthem Exhibiting at APA

The Anthem Foundation exhibited at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division) in Boston. This was the third year that Anthem has exhibited at the conference. New books on display this year included Metaethics, Egoism, and Virtue: Studies in Ayn Rand’s Normative Theory, by Allan Gotthelf (ed.) and James Lennox (assoc. ed.), and 100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand, by Scott McConnell.

2010.11.19–2010.11.22 Anthem Exhibiting at SEA

The Anthem Foundation exhibited for the first time at the annual meeting of the Southern Economics Association, one of the oldest regional economic associations in the United States. Our booth showcased Rand’s relevance to business and economics and introduced a new academic audience to the resources available through the Anthem Foundation.

2010.07.08 Anthem Donor Luncheon in Las Vegas

A special donor luncheon for Anthem’s $1,000+ donors will be held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Anthem scholars will update donors on their activities, while Anthem staff will outline future plans for advancing the foundation’s mission. Donors interested in attending should contact us for more information.

2010.07.08 Anthem to Participate in Academic Panel at Objectivist Summer Conference

Senior Director Debi Ghate will participate in a panel about Objectivism’s progress in academia at the upcoming Objectivist Summer Conference in Las Vegas. The panel will take place at the Red Rock Casino, Summerlin Ballroom, at 10:15am. This event is open to the public.

2009.09.18–20 Workshop on Perception, Consciousness, and Reference

University of Warwick

The workshop, organized by Profs. Bill Brewer (U. Warwick) and Allan Gotthelf (U. Pittsburgh), will bring together some 20 philosophers from the U.S. and U.K. to explore these central issues in philosophy

2009.07.08 Anthem Donor Reception in Boston

Seaport Hotel

A donor reception will be held at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA. At the reception, Senior Director Debi Ghate will discuss the past year’s activities, as well as exciting future projects. Anthem donors and those interested in supporting the Foundation are invited to attend. The reception will be held in the Harborview Ballroom.

2009.03.04 Public Symposium on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Celebration of the Best Within Us

University of Texas at Austin

Guest speakers to include: Mr. Jeff Britting (Ayn Rand Institute), Dr. Onkar Ghate (Ayn Rand Institute), Dr. Allan Gotthelf (U. Pittsburgh), and Dr. Shoshana Milgram (VA Tech). For details, visit

2009.02.03 Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest at the University of Austin

The BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism has launched its Second Annual Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest, which is co-sponsored by the Anthem Foundation. This conference is open only to undergraduate students at the University of Texas. For details, visit the contest website or see the contest flyer.

2008.12.16–17 Workshop on the Concept of Number: A Conversation with Pat Corvini on her Work

University of Pittsburgh

At this workshop, organized by Allan Gotthelf, seven scholars with interests in the application of the Objectivist theory of concepts to the philosophy of mathematics explore with Dr. Pat Corvini some of her recent work on the concept of number.

2008.10.31–11.02 Research Consultancy on Legal Philosophy

University of Texas at Austin

Discussions on Dr. Tara Smith’s (UT Austin) and Dr. Adam Mossoff’s (George Mason U.) works-in-progress, capped by roundtable discussion

2008.10.03 Philosophy Department Colloquium: “Mill’s Ambivalence on Rights”

University of Texas at Austin

Colloquy given by Dr. David Brink (UC San Diego)

2008.07.17–22 Workshop for Contributors to Ayn Rand: A Companion to Her Works and Thought, ed. Gotthelf and Salmieri (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming)

University of Pittsburgh

Coordination of contributions by sixteen authors, with presentation also by the archivist of the Ayn Rand Archives (Irvine, CA)

2008.04.26–27 Fourth Pittsburgh/London (Ont.) Workshop on Aristotle’s Generation of Animals: GA Book V

University of Pittsburgh

Exploration of an important work of Aristotle’s, by some 18 philosophers and graduate students, including Alan Code (Rutgers), Allan Gotthelf (Pittsburgh), Devin Henry (U. West. Ontario), James Lennox (Pittsburgh), Mariska Leunissen (WUStL)

Recent and Upcoming Activities