Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship

Anthem Foundation Makes Gift to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Irvine, CA, May 28, 2009—The Anthem Foundation, in conjunction with the BB&T Charitable Foundation, has made a gift totaling $210,000 to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Department of Philosophy. This gift is being made in support of a new three-year Fellowship in Objectivity and Values, to be held by Dr. Gregory Salmieri. In addition, the department will establish a Fund for Objectivity and Values, which will allow it to host conferences and workshops, among other scholarly activities. The Foundation will also contribute to a Research Fund for the Study of Objectivism that will support Professor Salmieri’s scholarly research into Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

Dr. Geoff Sayre-McCord, chair of the Department of Philosophy, commented that “[t]he generous support provided by the Anthem Foundation and the BB&T Charitable Foundation is, needless to say, a tremendous boon to the philosophy department. Professor Salmieri, whose considerable teaching skills and high-quality research are well known to us, is a welcome addition to our intellectual community. At the same time, we are confident that resources provided in support of research will contribute significantly to the quality of work being done on a number of important issues.”

This is the Foundation’s fourth gift to UNC Chapel Hill. “We are pleased to extend our support for the Department of Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill, and for Dr. Salmieri,” said Debi Ghate, senior director. “The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to facilitate the excellent scholarship emerging from this institution.”